Being Stalked? Take Action!  



Being Stalked?   Tired of worrying, waiting, taking it one day at a time, hoping they won't bother you today?  Even if they don't, you know they'll bother you again soon.

Many stalker cases escalate if they're not faced aggressively.  At first the problem seems mild; later the problem becomes omnipresent.  Don't underestimate the situation.  Don't assume it can't get worse.

Treat all threats, either in person, by phone, or mail, as legitimate. Threats do not have to be words. Implied threats include black roses, a dead animal received in the mail, or a photograph with your image crossed out.  Events like these can be reported to police.

Seek support from people who are understanding.  Avoid people who don't take the problem seriously, or tell you that you are overreacting.  Every year, many people are harmed by stalkers -- it's illogical for anyone to tell you that stalking is unimportant.

You're probably scared.  That's understandable.  But you also need to get yourself mad and get going!  The best defense is to take offense.  If you get a protection order, their next act of stalking will be a crime and you will be able to make a police report.  If you DON'T get a protection order, their next act of stalking might not be a crime... and the police will not be able to effectively help you until after you get injured!








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