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For Las Vegas' First Friday street fair this August, the theme will be "Wonderland".  The inimitable Dr. Phineas (founder of the Imaginarium) and The Steampunk Guild will be honored with a massive Steampunk Street Party sponsored by Zappos and Boyd Gaming.  Dr. Phineas will officiate as Mad Hatter in our High Tea at a vast table right in the middle of the street.  Steampunk art, Steampunk bands, Steampunk inventions for all to peruse. Get your Steampunk duds on and join us for High Tea at 7pm!

A huge tent will be placed in the central street for the Steampunk Guild's "High Tea" with Dr. Phineas T. Kastle hosting the evening as the Mad Hatter. There will be many steampunk inventions and art on display as the City of Las Vegas and the Arts District is honoring "The Wonderland of STEAMPUNK!"

Live television newscasts will be on all major Las Vegas television stations.

There will be a 23-piece turn-of-the-century jug band that evening.  Charleston and cakewalk lessons.

The Imaginarium and Sin City Pickers will be open First Friday Aug 1 from. 10am to 9pm... Drop by to see the Collection!

FEBRUARY 6-7-8, 2015 - LAS VEGAS NV - STEAMATHON 1 - Steampunk Convention

At the Fabulous Main Street Station Hotel, Train Station & Casino, in Downtown Vegas

The Fabulous Main Street Station will be hosting STEAMATHON 1: Las Vegas World Steampunk Convention  February 6,7,8!  This fabulous antique Victorian Hotel sits in the heart of old Las Vegas with constant 24-hour festivities, live music, street performers, Steampunk Imaginarium, and massive shopping right at the front door of the Hotel!

Stay in the marvelous hotel... how lovely it will be to get into your steampunk garb and take their antique brass lifts down to the ballrooms... the ballrooms laden with mahogany carved fireplaces and carved walls from Preswick Castle in Scotland... Victorian lounge areas under the stain glass windows and Victorian art from Lillian Russell's mansion.

The Registration area will be the old Las Vegas train station!  The vending space will be a Victorian ballroom just past the Louisa May Alcott parlor train cars.

The Main Street Station has a brewery right inside the hotel for those of you who like to imbibe. There are 6 types of Pilsners including "Dark Steam".

The glorious old chandeliers of the San Francisco Opera House salvaged and restored after the 1905 Earthquake and preserved at the Main Street Station. The entire casino is covered with two-story Victorian stained glass. The statuary, Victorian furniture, carved mahogany bars from France will take you back to our era, our place in time, to a Steampunk world you will not want to leave!

The Fabulous Main Street Station has 3 Train parlor cars attached to the Hotel restored to turn of the century elegance.

There will be magnificent galleries celebrating Steampunk Inventions and art, with shuttle buses to First Friday festivities and The Steampunk Imaginarium nearby!

There are Victorian gaming areas in the gallery of the hotel.

We are working on a group rate for our rooms and they are very reasonable for such a fabulous Victorian hotel! The staff of the Main Street Station and Boyd Gaming are thrilled that the hotel will be filled with people attired in the right period fashions to the Victorian period of the Hotel! Photo opportunities in this hotel will be endless, so bring your cameras as this will be a great experience for your Steampunk book of memories.

February is a fantastic time to visit Vegas....the weather is heavenly...nice cool perfect for Steampunk garb

Shuttle buses will be provided to the First Friday Street Party nearby where the city of Los Vegas closes downtown streets and 20,000 people do an art gallery walkabout to over 200 art galleries.

The Main Street Station is one of the most magnificent hotels in the world! Chandeliers from the Figaro Opera House in Paris, France, entry doors from the Pullman Mansion, chandeliers from the Old San Francisco Opera House, massive stained glass windows from Lillian Russell's mansion, fireplaces and wainscoting in the ballrooms from Preswick Castle, the Louisa Alcott Pullman car where lectures on Victorian Garb 101 will occur, antique mahogany Apothecary cabinetry, Victorian antique billiards and game rooms, fabulous brewery inside the hotel, 24 hour gaming, under street lamps from Brussels Belgium there will be nothing like this convention!

All info from Dr. Phineas T. Castle

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