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Florence Labadie Tribute 1 and Tribute 2 and Tribute 3 and Tribute 4

Florence Biography Video by Suli

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSI'm deeply grateful to Dr. Edward Wagenknecht for revealing the world of silent film to me and so many others in The Movies In The Age Of Innocence! His devotion to the memory of Florence LaBadie inspired me to learn more about her.

I'm also indebted to Dr. Gerald Hamm for his gift of Cinderella, which aided me in learning about her screen persona -- and, more important, was a genuine pleasure to watch, 80 years after it was filmed. But about those close-ups, Mr. Thanhouser...

Thanks also to Q. David Bowers for his prodigious research on the early-silent period. There must be a magnum opus on the way.[It arrived in 1997! For a marvelous CD overview of the Thanhouser Co. that includes a prodigious amount of information, hundreds of visual images, and even 20 minutes of film clips, see Thanhouser Films: An Encyclopedia and History by Q. David Bowers. Order from Thanhouser Company...address to follow.

Comments, criticisms, or conversation re Florence or other early photoplayers will be more than welcomed!

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