Brody - American Eskimo dog - Puppy Bowl This year's PUPPY BOWL X lineup includes cute white fluffy little BRODY... an AMERICAN ESKIMO DOG.

< -- This is BRODY.

Most people are not aware that there are many HOMELESS American Eskimo Dogs in need.   Please adopt an American Eskimo Dog from your local Shelter or Rescue Organization such as Heart Bandits American Eskimo Dog Rescue or ERU.  American Eskimo dogs come in different sizes.  The "standard" size is about 28 to 32 pounds.  Typical "miniatures" are about 15 to 20 pounds.  Be sure to read all about the breed before you adopt.  Eskies need exercise, you have to brush them regularly, some of them like to bark, they can live to 16 years old and even older, etc.  But it can be worth it; as you can see they can be very devoted best friends!

If you do not want to adopt at this time, you can volunteer to be a Fosterhome where you would take care of a homeless dog for a period of weeks or months until the dog finds an adopter.

It is not necessary to buy an American Eskimo Dog from a breeder.  There are many purebred Eskies in shelters and at rescues RIGHT NOW.  They are available at reasonable rescue rates.

February 2014